im jerome and i make music as kuma •ᴥ•

frau magazine, november 2013

*updated in better quality

A few months ago, I found myself listening to the music I listened to heavily in high school. A lot of it was Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Blue Scholars, and Freddie Joachim. One of the records I was listening to was Lupe’s ‘Food And Liquor.’ I heard “Daydreamin’” for the first time in years and immediately went to work on a new tune, sampling Jill Scott’s lovely singing, which would ultimately become “Beneath The Flowers.”

I don’t really remember starting the writing for “I’ll See You Later,” but it’s wutevz tho, iz emotional af.

Hope you can get a piece of who I am from these joints and enjoy the short journey of the BERA EP!

Photo by Teerayut Hiruntaraporn

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